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Wagon and bogie production is carried out in a closed area of ​​12.000 m2. Floor and ceiling lifting tools are used for transportation in the production line. All halls are equipped with a separate ring pipe system for technical gases, compressed air and clean water.

Our company; It uses modern CNC benches and the most technological welding machines, which are constantly renewed, to fulfill customer demands and requirements of relevant standards for freight wagon, freight wagon bogie, special bogie and wagon parts with its own unique designs. It also offers products. Our production capabilities and human resources are constantly being developed in accordance with the standards determined by the quality certificates we have. ERP programs are used for Enterprise Resource Planning specific to our company.

With these programs, the following processes can be carried out instantly;

  • Full Traceability
  • Stock Control
  • Capacity Planning and Monitoring
  • Production planning
  • Quality Control
  • Performance Measurement
  • Cost Control
  • Buy
  • Document Control
  • Calibration Control
  • FMEA




Within the scope of the quality certificates we have, mechanized and manual 111, 135 and 141 welding processes are performed.

All of our welders are first assigned to the production area after being trained and certified.


Sandblasting for surface cleaning before painting is done manually and automatically in special cabinets. The surface blasting quality is evaluated according to ISO 8501 and/or NACE standards. For the correct application of the paint systems used, the surface cleaning quality is cleaned with at least SA 2,5 quality steel grit.


Painting is done in special cabins with air conditioning system. The dyeing system made meets the C3 and C4 category conditions determined in the ISO 12944 standard according to customer demands. After the painting process, the drying process starts and the painted bogies are shipped to the accessory assembly line according to the quality control tests.


Bogies with or without wheelsets are shipped with special packaging forms according to customer demands. With the packaging technique, bogies can be stored for a long time in closed areas that will not be affected by climate and environmental conditions. Before servicing stored bogies, checks must be made according to VPI instructions.