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Our company's R&D department; Has the ability to develop and design new products. By determining customer demands and market needs, products that will create awareness with contemporary approaches are designed and qualifications are provided according to the relevant standards.

Platform Wagon


In design; Environmentally friendly products are developed that increase operational safety, reduce maintenance costs and reduce life-cycle costs. In the design details, the lifetime cost control of the products significantly contributes to the reduction of LCC (LIFE CYCLE COST) and increases operational safety.

Our products have unique designs and are personalized according to customers.

R&D department; It has the ability to design a quality product in a very short time according to customer requirements by using innovative approaches and modern technology opportunities.

Y-Type Bogie-H Skeleton

Thanks to its 3D modeling and numerical analysis capability, the strength of the products is checked and it paves the way for successful passing of type strength tests.

Y-Type Bogie

The drawings use the SolidWorks software package. After the creation of 3D models, SolidWorks provides easy and fast creation of 2D drawings that form the basis for the production process, as well as creates production recipes and bills of materials for each product.